Four Eyes: Warby Parker

I’m on the hunt for a new pair of prescription glasses, which is why I ordered a free Warby Parker home try-on kit. Warby Parker allows visionary impaired folks like myself to test out five pairs of glasses and then send them back as soon as you’re finished. All of the frames (including lenses) by Warby Parker are only $99, which makes this thrifty girl very happy. Plus, whenever you buy a pair of glasses, they provide a pair to someone in need.

I wanted to get a feeling for what types of frames and coloring might look best on my face, but I figured you guys will be able to give me better insight. I so badly want oversized specs to look good on me, but I was doomed with a super angular face and they always end up looking ridiculous. I am also a big fan of BonLook’s eyewear, where I kind of fell in love with their “Happy Tuesday” pair of glasses in grey (all the way at the bottom).

PS. Pardon my unfortunate hair, I’m trying to grow it out and it is nearing the awkward mullet-esque phase.

Which of the Warby Parker glasses above would you recommend? Or, are they all duds? Don’t worry, I know Owen and Tenley aren’t winners. Although they do look quite stylish on Betty White and Charsi in my unbiased opinion.

Do you think these grey glasses by BonLook would be flattering for me (see ridiculous screenshot below)?

All I know is I can’t wait to not have to wear these Candie’s glasses anymore (this is what happens when the optician pressures you into purchasing something on the spot). If I see another fifteen-year-old wearing my current pair of specs, I’m going to lose. it. Thanks in advance for your honest feedback, and don’t worry, you won’t hurt my feelings if you vote for none of the above.


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